If you wish to sign up for membership, please click here and fill out the form. Our list of members on this page is updated only once a month. The last update was on Septmber 15, 2023. Please check back if you’ve filled out the form but don’t see your name in the list yet.

First Last Company Phone Email
Aaron Parajon BrightStar Care 619-902-8287 [email protected]
Addie Itani Itani Dental   [email protected]
Adrienne Patel Canopy Home Care 650-400-1653 [email protected]
Alan Brauner Senior Seasons 408-737-2049 [email protected]
Alay Yajnik Senior Helpers of San JOse 408-294-4411 [email protected]
Alexander Cervania St Mary’s Homecare services, Inc 408-425-3557 [email protected]
Alexandra Modena Peninsula Reflections 4156022220 [email protected]
Allessandra(Alex) Real Home Instead 6506919671 [email protected]
Althea Kippes A.T. Kippes 415.305.9934 [email protected]
Alvin Mojica AuCare | In-Home Care for Seniors and Elderly (510) 825-7571 [email protected]
Amanda Lee San Carlos Elms 7125745728 [email protected]
Amanda Lee Silver Oaks Memory Care   [email protected]
Ami Anderson Cimino Care/Mills Estate Villa and Burlingame Villa 650-315-1350 [email protected]
Amy Esoo Homecare California 408-507-0097 [email protected]
Andre Camaisa One Access Medical Transportation   [email protected]
Angela Cearns AsKevin Inc. 6507339898 [email protected]
Angela Hey SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors 6504838328 [email protected]
Angela Howatt Angela Howatt Realtor 415-308-9492 [email protected]
Angeline Infante FirstLight Home Care The Peninsula 6504861310 [email protected]
anita chiu JSCO. 4152728987 [email protected]
Anita Varelas Neighborly Senior Placement 510-301-7099 [email protected]
Ann Hamer Stanford 650-245-2694 [email protected]
Anna Allas Peninsula Reflections 6507314670 [email protected]
Anna Satorre Health Professionals, Inc. 650-997-3200 [email protected]
Ante ‘Tony’ Buljan B&B Residential Facilities, Inc. 650-888-4437 [email protected]
ariana alex Sage Eldercare Solutions   [email protected]
Arthur navarro Lawyers Title 650-533-6626 [email protected]
Austin Degenhardt Health Link Home Health and Hospice 4159617180 [email protected]
Ayesha Shah Health Link Home Health & Hospice 4155773254 [email protected]
Beth Corwin Memory Specialist 415-264-3655 [email protected]
Betsy Milne Home Helpers Home Care 6505323122 [email protected]
Betty Burr Peninsula Jewish Community Center 650-378-2698 [email protected]
Bill Burke Ground Rush 9252097082 [email protected]
Bobbie Jo Keating Companion Care Services 650-993-2345 [email protected]
Brenda Mwesigwa Eden Homecare Agency LLC 9252020875 [email protected]
Brent Sjodin Familiar Surroundings 408-613-0036 [email protected]
Brian Cupps Sterling Court 650-344-8200 [email protected]
Caitlin Morgan Institute on Aging 4157504114 [email protected]
Caitlyn Matoso City of San Carlos Parks and Recreation 650-802-4114 [email protected]
Caity Wallace Insight Memory Care Choices   [email protected]
Callista Shepherd COMPASS 4152055584 [email protected]
Cameron Graham StoriiCare 4.47949E+11 [email protected]
Canan Sonuk AHA Auxilio-HomeAide LLC   [email protected]
Candy Woodby Vista Terrace of Belmont 6505912008 [email protected]
Caressa Scales Atria Senior Living 6505973553 [email protected]
Carey Lai Yohocare   [email protected]
Carlos Ramirez Fog City Insurance 877-398-9408 x801 [email protected]
Cathleen Slattery Arosa+LivHOME 650-966-7362 [email protected]
Chani Trafficante Keller Williams Realty-Peninsula Estates (510)274-3684 [email protected]
Chani Traffiicante Sunrise Senior Living (650)326-1101 [email protected]
Charles Porras New York Life 9253390876 [email protected]
Chaya Flaxman Davidshield Home Care 0954 323 7533 [email protected]
Cheryl Chien Willow Pathway Home Health 6503166220 [email protected]
Cheryll Cuasay-Catuar Hospice 4158668323 [email protected]
Chris Iverson Dreyfus Sotheby’s International Realty 650-450-0450 [email protected]
Christianah Adebayo Arosa Care Elevated 6509415008 [email protected]
Christina Galletti The Peninsula Regent   [email protected]
Cindy Hofen Managing Moves & More 650-450-0928 [email protected]
Claire Bleymaier San Mateo County Health   [email protected]
Claire Bleymaier Stanford Health Care 208-914-4703 [email protected]
Claudia Quinones Vista Terrace of Belmont (650) 591-2008 [email protected]
Cody Welliver Meridian Senior Living 9859519102 [email protected]
Conor O’Kane N/A 6506609690 [email protected]
Cora Reyes Olof In-Home Care Inc 6502961047 [email protected]
Cristy Ricardy Healthy.S.O.U.L 9493551626 [email protected]
Cyndi Mariner Breathing Spaces 408.315.2227 [email protected]
Daielle DeWall Silver Oaks Memory Care 6503133885 [email protected]
Dam Bishop Right at Home 650-373-2101 [email protected]
Daniel Hsueh Life Springs Hospice Care 408.606.1038 [email protected]
David Flaig Flaig Insurance Services 650 931 8630 [email protected]
David Moreci Signature Realty 6502072996 [email protected]
David Stormont Commerce Mortgage 650-533-2349 [email protected]
Dean Higa BP Home Solutions 4085689310 [email protected]
Dean Lipsitz Private Professional Fiduciary 510-798-5201 [email protected]
Debbie Verity Verity Money Management (650) 464-4330 [email protected]
Denise Cronan Cronan Real Estate 650.307.2240 [email protected]
Denise Krauss Extraordinary You! (415) 516-3035 [email protected]
Denise Michaud Long term care Insurance 650-678-2799 [email protected]
Diane Perry The Village at Hayes Valley 415-318-8670 [email protected]
Donna McClure Sutter Care At Home   [email protected]
Dori Regalado Companions for Seniors at Home 3104248658 [email protected]
Duanni Hurd StarLight CareGivers 6506008108 [email protected]
Elaine Johnson Kindred Hospice 4085409302 [email protected]
Eleanor Lanuza The Avant 650-494-0760 [email protected]
Elizabeth Malick [email protected] 6504535100 [email protected]
Elizabeth Malick HomeCare Professionals 650-515-4844 [email protected]
Emily White LMSW, CMC Geriatric Care Management   [email protected]
Erica Sofrina Vista Terrace of Belmont 650 703 3188 [email protected]
Erin Markey Best Interest Fiduciary Services 415.483.2620 [email protected]
Erin Markey Best Interest Fiduciary Services 415.483.2620 [email protected]
Erin Tordsen Sage Eldercare Solutions   [email protected]
Eswar Menon Interim Healthcare 650-204-9944 [email protected]
Ethan Low Generations Connect (650)241-9864 [email protected]
Eymard De Ocampo De La Torre & Associates Insurance 4159858519 [email protected]
Flora Porter Grace and Glory Hospice 6508985784 [email protected]
Frada Merritt California Game Girls 925.212.4642 [email protected]
Fradat Merritt California Game Girls 6505952227 [email protected]
Freddie Fullon Atria Foster Square 6505322463 [email protected]
Garisson Birchfield Health Link Home Health and Hospice 415-664-5500 [email protected]
Garisson Birchfield IOA 415-290-2664 [email protected]
Gem Carpiz Care Group (650) 427-0224 [email protected]
Geoff Fong Indie PT 4159876328 [email protected]
Gerardo Reynaga Gonzalez Amazing Smile Inc.  5105043005 [email protected]
Gillian Crowley Sunrise of Belmont 650-508-0400 [email protected]
Gladys Portillo Sutter Care at Home 707-317-5100 [email protected]
Grace Ramirez FirstLight of The Peninsula 650-486-1310 [email protected]
Greg Demers Self-employed 6503153925 [email protected]
Gulraj Shahpuri Right at Home – Peninsula 6503858050 [email protected]
Gurpreet Padam San Mateo Primary Care   [email protected]
Hazel Weir Aviva In-Home Care 415-463-1400 [email protected]
Heather Vargas Life After LLC 6503324543 [email protected]
henry truong mariner advanced pharmacy corp 6505795678 [email protected]
Hiromi Motojima C&M Photography 6505323732 [email protected]
Hiromi Motojima Edward Jones 6508028504 [email protected]
Ian Steinberg Nest Payroll 9143412205 [email protected]
Jacquay Davis JIB and Associates, Inc. / 877.449.8858 [email protected]
James Koinange Total Care Services (650)952-5200 [email protected]
James Shannon ServiceMaster of San Francisco / San Mateo 650-922-4982 [email protected]
Jane Porter Grace and Glory Hospice 6508985784 [email protected]
Jason Harris Superior Medical Transport 650-602-5307 [email protected]
Jay Mehta Assisting Hands Home Care Fremont 510-319-7808 [email protected]
Jeanette Cook Cook Properties 650-344-3447 [email protected]
Jeannette Marsala Marsala Law Firm 650-600-1735 [email protected]
Jeannine Clark Clark Consulting & Associates, LLC 6508799030 [email protected]
Jenn Chan Senior Shower Project (408) 827-7107 [email protected]
Jennifer Duenas Atria Daly City 5106305935 [email protected]
Jesus Padilla Health Link 415-650-6076 [email protected]
Jim Carteris FirstLight Home Care of The Peninsula 650-486-1310 [email protected]
Jimmy Rudger San Mateo Daily Journal 650-344-5200 ext.103 [email protected]
Joan Goldner Seniors At Home 650-688-3068 [email protected]
JO-ANN DO COLDWELL BANKER 4087616421 [email protected]
john butler Possibledreamcompany 6508420644 [email protected]
John Michaels Keepsake   [email protected]
John OHara Special Plants Special People 6507039298 [email protected]
John Strohmeier San Francisco Chronicle 4155177027 [email protected]
John H. Fullen California Long Term Care Insurance Services, Inc. 650-409-3008 [email protected]
Johnell Davidson Exceptional Senior Placement 650-492-4871 [email protected]
Jorge Hernandez Torres Golden Heights Healthcare 650-464-1094 [email protected]
Joseph Rudino Daily Journal Newspaper 6502184778 [email protected]
Joseph Ryan Anam   [email protected]
Joseph Wilkes Healthy Living Home Care 7076413983 [email protected]
Jowett San Miguel Live Well at Home (650) 291-0009 [email protected]
Joy Spence Reverse Mortgage-Conforming and Jumbo 650-465-5577 [email protected]
Jozsef Horvath [email protected]   [email protected]
Jozsef Horvath Ivy of GG   [email protected]
Judy Barlin Care for Seniors Agency 650-774223 [email protected]
Judy Schwartz Reverse Mortgages Only 6505914400 [email protected]
Julie Fulmer-Mason MedFolio LLC 415-298-1969 [email protected]
Julie Mammad Vista Terrace of Belmont 6505912008 [email protected]
Julie Marquart Self Employed 6507663875 [email protected]
Juliet Pacaldo Pacaldo LLC 6503930265 [email protected]
K Hovorka Atherton gardens 6509939313 [email protected]
Kamran Nasser NuevaCare 6505392000 [email protected]
Karen Poh Nestvy 415-6230090 [email protected]
Kate Mayott Care For Seniors 650-722-9495 [email protected]
Kate O’Leary Home Helpers 6505323122 [email protected]
Katharine Armstrong Angela Howatt Realtor 415-244-9439 [email protected]
Katherine Santini Neptune Society of Northern California 650-678-5115 [email protected]
Kathleen Areias Sparer Alain Pinel Realtors 6503423248 [email protected]
Kathy Affeltranger Retirement Funding Solutions 415-209-4769 [email protected]
Kathy Faenzi Faenzi Associates 650-307-4000 [email protected]
Kathy Kaufmann Avenue Sixty-Two, LLC 6505189941 [email protected]
Kaye Sharbrough Senior Seasons 6507592649 [email protected]
Keilani Luu Kaiser Permanente Transitions Program   [email protected]
Kelly Radetich Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty 650.303.9589 [email protected]
Kim Sechler Suncrest Hospice 415-420-4456 [email protected]
Kristine Facelo Care Indeed 408-933-9704 [email protected]
Laila Hinkle Bay ARea Social Workers in Health Care 6505916799 [email protected]
Larry W. Hayes A050 ActiveOver50 4089215806 [email protected]
Lars Koch Kindred at Home (Personal Home Care) 6509221299 [email protected]
Laura Biche General Mortgage Capital Corporation 6509220824 [email protected]
Laura Duchen Eleva Interiors 4158285100 [email protected]
Laura Fanucchi HIP Housing 650-348-6660 [email protected]
Lawrence Ligunas FirstLight Home Care 650-797-8086 [email protected]
Lee Cutler Bay Area Vital Link 1 800 7525522 [email protected]
Li Chang Keller Williams Peninsula Estates 6507664836 [email protected]
Liliana Perazich Coldwell Banker 415-297-0125 [email protected]
LILY HUANG Lily’s Natural Soaps & Essentials 4159337652 [email protected]
linda ayre Perfect Mind Hypnosis 6507035119 [email protected]
Linda Ayre Perfect Mind Hypnosis 6507035119 [email protected]
Linda McCrory Hecker Fiduciary 650-278-0136 [email protected]
Linda Merino Coldwell Banker 650-834-0725 [email protected]
Lisa Deal Mission Hospice & Home Care 650-400-0217 [email protected]
Loi Bustamante The Chalet, Montara 510.542.1376 [email protected]
Lonnie Zonge Ocean Wave Home Care LLC 650-740-6229 [email protected]
Lorena Chavez Sutter Care at Home 650-294-0025 [email protected]
Lorena Garbarino Hospice by the Bay/InCare 415-720-0429 [email protected]
Lorena Renaud Health Link Home Health & Hospice 4158160566 [email protected]
Louise Ryoo El Roble Home Care (650) 316-6220 [email protected]
Louise Ryoo Willow Pathway Home Health Care (650) 316-6220 [email protected]
Lucia Hollowell self   [email protected]
Lynda Gamblin Sunrise Senior Living   [email protected]
MADISON kane RESULTS AT LAST 4153518777 [email protected]
Mailia McDonald Carousel Properties 650-483-8377 [email protected]
Malia Vea Love At Home Senior Care 650-332-9957 [email protected]
Mani Mortezaei Tailored Transitions 4084426022 [email protected]
Margaret Abdilova Senior Real Estate Specialist 4158604357 [email protected]
margit   [email protected] 14084825649 [email protected]
Maria Bilyak Medvista 5103988588 [email protected]
Maria Quinby On The Move 6507404911 [email protected]
Marielle Gimeno Universal Home Health and Hospice LLC 6503895279 [email protected]
Marilea Anisco Integrity In-Home Support Inc. 650-898-2587 [email protected]
Marilyn Bergstrom First Choice Home Health & Hospice 6505540005 [email protected]
Marilyn Bergstrom Home Assist Home Health 6503502017 [email protected]
Marilyn Brown Ross AMB Mortgage 408-722-0010 [email protected]
Marilyn Groves PharMerica   [email protected]
Mary Peart none at this time 9785023365 [email protected]
Max Greenberg Bay Area Aenior Advisors 650-833-9200 [email protected]
Meg Spicereddy Spicereddy Chiropractic 6505130797 [email protected]
Menchu Montilla Seen Your Choice (415) 377-4710 [email protected]
Michael McIlrath Longbridge Financial 14157179989 [email protected]
Michael Rodrigues Arosa 6509415007 [email protected]
Michelle Peloquin Managing Moves & More 650-450-0928 [email protected]
Michelle Teixeira Belmont Village Sunnyvale 4083949510 [email protected]
Michelle   [email protected] 6503025272 [email protected]
Mike Scoggin Oasis Senior Advisors 650-933-3336 [email protected]
Mimi T. Hailu GeissMed   [email protected]
Mirna Tin Keller Williams 4159996094 [email protected]
Mitchell Williams Home Helpers 650-868-2004 [email protected]
mmorgan Morgan Senior Helpers 6504775738 [email protected]
Molly Johnson [email protected] 16504603817 [email protected]
molly tinney PAMF Geriatrics 650-853-5650 [email protected]
Nadia Salem Health Link 4153240649 [email protected]
Nancy Chang Purpose & Hopoe   [email protected]
Nancy Keegan Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center (650) 289-5498 [email protected]
Nancy Liu Asian American Home Health by Kindred  at Home 5108131080 [email protected]
Neeru Verma Peninsula Elderly Care Home 4088071984 [email protected]
Nelson Tolentino Anx Home Health Care and Hospice 6506600134 [email protected]
nettie azoulay Peninsula Volunteers 6502725008 [email protected]
Nicholas Magnusson Senior Helpers 650-343-6770 [email protected]
nicole peoples Blende Dental Group 415-563-4261 [email protected]
Nina Alimova Senior Helpers   [email protected]
Noren Lopez MB Financial & Insurance Services   [email protected]
Oliver Aden Cadence Millbrae 916-588-5478 [email protected]
Ouralia Delgadillo EVERGREEN HEALTHCARE GROUP 2093455606 [email protected]
Paolo Valera Beacon Home Care 6502968335 [email protected]
Patricia Wong Emmanuel Nursing Services 4082069577 [email protected]
Patty Sherin Mo’Brickz 718-812-0990 [email protected]
Paula Ebejer-Moffitt Prima Printing 650.637.0650 [email protected]
Paula Wolfson Avenidas Care Partners 650 289 5438 [email protected]
Paulina Kapoor Love Life Senior Care 9253674112 [email protected]
Peggy Milne Home Helpers of San Mateo County 650-532-3122 [email protected]
Peter Liu Home Health Compass LLC 4158166726 [email protected]
Racheal OConnor Care2Care 510-648-7374 [email protected]
Rachel Alarid Chajinel Home Care Service 650-741-6107 [email protected]
Rachel Cohen Exceptional Senior Placement 510-910-0344 [email protected]
Rachel Howsmon Parkinson’s Foundation 4155982890 [email protected]
Rachell Viernes Healthflex Caregivers 4153609000 [email protected]
Ramji Digumarthi White Plume of Freedom Fiduciary  Servies 650-796-1039 [email protected]
Ramon Cruz Always Best Care of Peninsula 650-678-6950 [email protected]
Randy Allen Pine Park Health   [email protected]
Renata Spangler Care Indeed 6507668344 [email protected]
Renee Parmelee Comfort Keepers 408-446-1199 [email protected]
Riaz Danekari Right at Home West Valley 4084719701 [email protected]
Ricci Chan Dr. Ricci Chan Dentist 6506979497 [email protected]
Richard Fivis One on One BBA Inc 6506895583 [email protected]
Richard Schwachter youreldermediation 561-350-9510 [email protected]
Robert “Bob” Gonzalez Medicare Plan Solutions 4156995290 [email protected]
Robinson Nguyen Atria Senior LIving 6504315029 [email protected]
Rose Paquette CARE FOR SENIORS 650-722-9494 [email protected]
Roxanne Salazar Kisco Senior Living 650 335 8122 [email protected]
Roxanne Salazar Kisco Senior Living 650 335 8122 [email protected]
Ruby Frandsen MPMC 6506964823 x2 [email protected]
Ruth Ocon Pacifica Senior Living   [email protected]
Sadia Mumtaz [email protected] 4083323538 [email protected]
Saili Gosula Active In-Home Therapy 650-530-2072 [email protected]
Sally Bergman Law Office of Sally Bergman 650-242-9800 [email protected]
Savahanna Mitchell Thekey 6508654060 [email protected]
Scott Evans San Carlos Elms   [email protected]
Shahla Piff Century 21 Realty Alliance 6503072643 [email protected]
Shalini Bhutani Rakssha Home Care 5109126244 [email protected]
Shaun Charles Beacon Home Care 6508988800 [email protected]
Shawna Rodriguez Bay Area Care Management LLC 4088261894 [email protected]
Sheri Wihelm Going Going Gone 6504558449 [email protected]
Sherry Plambeck The Magnolia of Millbrae 6504434213 [email protected]
Shirley Castro ProMedica 669-328-6521 [email protected]
shivdeep kapoor Silverado Belmont Hills 650-228-9817 [email protected]
Shweta Bitla Senior Helpers   [email protected]
Siobhan Surraco Atria Sunnyvale 650 346-5813 [email protected]
Siobhan Surraco Vista Terrace of Belmont 650 346-5813 [email protected]
Stephanie Eukel Crescent Oaks Memory Care 408-482-2966 [email protected]
Steven Russell Stanford Parkinson’s Community Outreach Program 650.995.6379 [email protected]
Sue Gibson CarePatrol 415 940 2688 [email protected]
Sumedha Shukla YHSGR 4083290522 [email protected]
Susan Barber Mission Hospice & Home Care 650.544.1000 [email protected]
Susan Kang Healthlink   [email protected]
Susan Lam Avenidas 650 289-5481 [email protected]
Susan Thaxton Exceptional Senior Placement 650-484-0332 [email protected]
Sven Geffken Edward Jones 6503551365 [email protected]
swilliams swilliams   14088368746 [email protected]
Talya Onorato Sage Elder Care Solutions   [email protected]
Tami Anastasia Tami Anastasia Dementia Guidance and Support (408) 377 – 4716 [email protected]
Terri Tarnoff Snyder Breakthrough, Inc 650-508-0822 [email protected]
Terrie Tomasello Better Living For Seniors 6502718090 [email protected]
Theo Cruikshank ClearStory Real Estate 6502690380 [email protected]
Theresa From Sunrise of Burlingame 650-692-2805 [email protected]
Tiffany Ung Cypress Lawn 6504660625 [email protected]
Tiffany Ung Olivet Memorial Park 4153708636 [email protected]
tim stevens Home Safety Services   [email protected]
Tina Morrill Pacific Gardens Assisted Living & Memory Support 408 236 1205 [email protected]
Tingxiu Li The Rose Garden Elderly Care   [email protected]
Tobi Bosede DentalFynd 816 866 7701 [email protected]
Tom Nixon Coldwell Banker/Caring Transitions 4089814685 [email protected]
Trevor Magallanes Solace Hospice   [email protected]
Trisha Carey 1 Plus 1 Cares 925-549-8118 [email protected]
Valerie Wong Pathmark Realty 415.572.7585 [email protected]
Vanessa Treadwell Home Care Assitance 6508855737 [email protected]
Victor Zolezzi Coldwell Banker 650-868-3495 [email protected]
Vijay Veeranna Always Best Care   [email protected]
Vikas Chinnan Self 4153360424 [email protected]
Vince Ryan Residential 650-355-1475 [email protected]
Vira Triolo Helping Hand Senior Placement Servcies 650-627-6017 [email protected]
Wesley Cheng 6502917556 [email protected]
yasmin bahl Arosa   [email protected]
Yolanda Chavez PVI Adult Day Services Rosener House 650-322-0126 [email protected]

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